Apple Nutrition Facts

Apple Nutrition Facts

Apples going to Market

Preparing for Market

Emma picking apples Owls Landing Farm

Emma helping pick apples

Owls Landing grows over 20 varieties of apples which ripen at various times from late August through early November depending on the seasonal conditions. With more offerings to choose from, our customers may find a new favorite apple! Large quantities of apples for cider making are also available. We will help you with selecting for your special blend.

We are committed to sustainable farming practices including the planting of full-size trees which take longer to produce fruit but will hopefully be still producing for our grandchildren and their children!

We will help you select varieties to meet your personal taste. Contact Us for variety availability.

Selling Sizes

How many apples do you want? What variety? We offer our apples in a variety of selling sizes to fit your needs and tastes:

  • 3 lb bags
  • Pecks
  • ½ Bushels
  • Bushels
  • Larger quantities for cider apples

“We Have What You Want.” Mix and Match. Contact Us for Your Personalized Blend of Cider Apples.

Views of Our Apple Orchard

Goodland Apples


St. Edmond's Apples

St. Edmond’s Apples

Regent Apples

Regent Apples

Honey Crisp Apples

Honey Crisp Apples

Ready End of August Through Early September

(*old variety)
Variety ColorSeasonDescriptionRecommend
NorloveYellow covered with solid redend of August through early SeptemberA tasty, medium-sized fruit with fair keeping quality. Firm, crisp, juicy.baking, sauce
Yellow Transparent ApplesYellow TransparentYellowend of August through early SeptemberBegins to ripen in July, is excellent for cooking (some people say it makes the best sauce) and good for eating. Found in many old orchards of upstate N.Y. baking, eating, sauce

Ready End of August through Mid-September

(*old variety)
Variety ColorSeasonDescriptionRecommend
State FairBright redend of August through mid-SeptemberWhite-fleshed, crisp, juicy. Perfect for fresh eating.eating, juicy
Early McIntoshYellow, red stripedend of August through mid-SeptemberWhite, tender flesh with pleasant flavor.eating

Ready Mid-September and Later

(*old variety)
Variety ColorSeasonDescriptionRecommend
Honey Crisp ApplesHoneycrispRed/YellowMid September and laterA sweet, exceptionally crisp-textured apple.  A cross between Macoun and Honeygold The sugar:acid ratio is well balanced, it is crisp and juicy.eating, cider, keeper
ValentineGreen, blushed redMid-September and laterFresh white, somewhat coarse but excellent taste. High quality apple.baking, eating
Kaneb SweetYellowMid-September and laterSmall to medium size, tender skinned, juicy and sweet. Excellent fresh eating and for sauce. Keeps 2-3 months in storageeating, sauce, cider
GoodlandRed and yellowMid-September and laterLarge blush apple with excellent all round qualities. Flesh crisp, juicy and tender, makes delicious aromatic sauce and excellent for fresh eating. eating, pies, sauce
Maclintosh ApplesMcIntosh*Red, stripedMid-September and laterThe standard for comparing apples; large fruit that's bright red with a heavy bloom. Crisp, juicy, snowy white flesheating, pies, sauce
Magog Redstreak*Yellow, red streakedMid-September and laterLarge apple, all purposeeating, baking

Ready First Week of October and Later

(*old variety)
Variety ColorSeasonDescriptionRecommend
Regent ApplesRegentBright red over yellowFirst week of October and laterVery juicy; flavor as good or better than Red Delicious. High dessert quality does not diminish in storage. eating, good keeper
Honeygold ApplesHoneygoldYellowFirst week of October and laterThe North's answer to Yellow Delicious. Flavor similar, superior storage qualities. Sweet and juicy.eating, keeper
Northwestern Greening*Green with red washFirst week of October and laterLarge fruit, crisp, firm, juicy, with slight aroma. Great apple piebaking, eating
SpartanRedFirst week of October and laterEqual to Empire in quality and texture. Keeps 'til February in storage. Medium size with solid dark red skin and white, juicy, crisp flesheating, pies, cider, keeper
St. Edmonds ApplesSt. Edmund's Russet*Orange russetFirst week of October and laterEarliest russet. Very juicy and flavorful; makes excellent cider. Listed among the 6 best apples grown in England.cider
LoboRedLate-September and laterLarge apple of good quality. McIntosh cross.baking, eating, large fruit
Red BaronYellow with red blushFirst week of October and laterFlesh crisp and juicy. Stores wellbaking, eating, sauce, keeper