Initially we started bee keeping at Owls Landing Farm to improve pollination of the apples. From starting with three hives, John is now working with 12 hives producing great honey each season – fall, spring and summer. The honey flavor and color varies with the season and the flowers and blossoms the bees visit. We are sure we have a variety that you will love.

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Preparing for Market

Honey is known for its purity and natural wholesomeness. With its roots being that of flowers, bees, and honeycombs, Honey epitomizes “natural” food and a historically earth-friendly product.

Honey is a surprisingly complicated substance. About 82 percent of honey is comprised of various sugars, mostly fructose, glucose, and maltose. Water makes up 17 percent, and the rest (the source of the unique flavor) is a dense blend of enzymes, amino acids, minerals, protein, and organic acids. Honeybees convert water-laden flower nectar into honey in a multi-step process. Flower nectars are partially digested by forager bees, then fan-dried by processor bees to concentrate the sugars into a stable, nutritious stored food. This biochemical alteration also concentrates the compounds, making each batch of honey, derived from a unique mix of nectars and processing peculiarities, completely unique. Beekeepers have a front seat in the ancient tradition of honey production. Once the honey is extracted from the hive, the duty of care for honey is in our hands. As a honey producer, we must follow the high standards of quality and regimented diligence of the bees to package, sell, and make a product for our customers out of respect for the endless efforts of the bees.
“From Honeycomb to Consumer: Marketing Local Honey in New York State”

Selling Sizes

We generally sell Honey in:

  • 1lb Glass Jars
  • 2lb Glass Jars
  • 5lb Glass Jars
  • Bulk sizes from 20 to 50 lbs

Custom orders may be accommodated with advance order (at time of harvest and before bottling).